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3 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 08-13-2019

Many pet owners wonder if you can leave your dog home alone all day and how long you can leave your dog in the house unattended before feeling like a “bad pet parent.” In this blog, we provide tips to prepare your dog for back to school and ways to entertain your dog while at work, so you are confident in their safety when leaving your dog home alone.

Keep Your Pet Away from Unsafe Areas While You Are Out

As funny as dog shaming can be, it can also be dangerous if you don’t keep your pet away from unsafe areas while you are out. Mischief behavior like dogs chewing lamp cords, getting into the trash, swallowing shoe laces or eating the cat food can turn “playing” into an unwanted vet visit.
So when leaving your dog home alone, we recommend using Indoor Shields® Plus Solutions to set avoidance boundaries to keep your pet away from certain areas. This indoor pet barrier allows your pet access to roam areas of the house that you deem safe and creates Invisible® boundaries around areas you prefer to be off-limits. People often use Shields to keep pets off furniture, out of the trash or away from their closet.

Keep Your Pet Entertained While You Are Away

Does your dog freak out when you leave? Then you may be dealing with dog separation anxiety or boredom. The best way to keep your pet entertained while you are away is by keeping them mentally stimulated.
So, how do you stimulate your dog? We’re glad you asked. Toys are a great way to mentally stimulate your dog while you’re away. Whether your dog is a heavy chewer, problem solver or nervous Nellie, the perfect toy is out there!
Toys like the PetSafe® Busy Buddy® Chamomile-Scented Calming Toys dispense food or treats to keep your dog busy playing and help distract your dog from bad behavior or anxiety

Give Your Dog Access to Outside

People have different ideas of how long you can leave your dog inside for. Some people say dogs can hold it for 6-8 hours. Others say crate-trained dogs can hold it for 10-12 hours. The truth is that it depends on the dog.

If you are worried about how long is too long to leave a dog inside while you are at work or the kids are at school, we recommend looking into an automatic pet door. For example, the Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door lets you program rules for your pets to come and go as they please into your yard, so you never have to worry about coming home to accidents. Plus, it is equipped with advanced safety technology that locks automatically, so only your pet has access.Schedule Your Free Consultation
Changing schedules can be difficult for pets to understand, but with a little help they will be back in the groove in no time. For 45 years, Invisible Fence® Brand’s innovative solutions, industry-leading training and expertise have given more than 3 million pets newfound independence and security - while also instilling confidence in their owners.

Schedule your FREE in-home consultation today to learn how fencing solutions, Indoor and Outdoor Shields
® Units and automatic pet doors can provide safe boundaries for many scenarios.

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