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7 Myths About Electric Dog Fences

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 11-12-2019

Myth: Electric fence collars cause burns. 

False. Contrary to belief, electric fence collars do not cause burns. Thermal burns occur at a frequency discharge of 3,000 to 5,0000 Hz from a source producing 5 amps. Invisible Fence Computer Collar® Receivers emit a maximum of 100 milliamps. That’s 2% of the power needed to create a burn (and about 40% less than the shock you’d received from a nylon carpet on a low-humidity day).

Myth: Electric fence collars cause abrasions. 

False. Pressure Necrosis (inflammation and edema) is caused by chronic irritation or reduced vascular flow from over-tight or rarely-adjusted collars. Invisible Fence’s certified trainers ensure proper collar fit and leave you with best practices for collar removal and rotation, coat thickness and regular inspection. 

Similar to if humans were to wear the same pair of shoes 24/7 without taking them off or changing sizes as their feet grow, failure to remove your dog’s collar can cause sores. It is the owner’s responsibility to be attentive to their pets as they fluctuate sizes. We recommend removal every 12 hours.

Myth: Invisible Fence makes dogs aggressive. 

False. People often ask if electric fences make dogs aggressive, and the answer is no. Aggressive behavior is the result of poor training or misused correction levels. Where DIY dog fences have 5-10 settings and require pet owners to teach the pet, Invisible Fence uses animal-behaviorist approved training and over a million customizable correction levels, so your dog is taught safely.

If a dog is confused and exposed to non-customized, high-levels of correction without any regard for breed, size, temperament or training, then it may develop behavioral problems. Personalized attention and reward-based training drastically reduce aggressive responses to electronic containment, as it allows pets to learn the rules of the system and find reward and satisfaction in following those rules.

Dogs will not become traumatized by an electric fence if taught correctly. That is why Invisible Fence created Perfect Start™ Plus Training—the only scientifically-based pet training protocol approved by leading animal behaviorists. Our certified trainers customize the technology and the training to every pet’s unique needs, so your pet fully understands their boundaries.

Myth: Low correction levels are ineffective with electric fences. 

False. Most small to mid-size pets and mild-temperament breeds need only the lowest level of correction during training before they learn to interpret the signal correctly and require only a warning tone for daily correction thereafter.
Level of correction is highly dependent on the pet’s age, size, breed, temperament, needs, etc. Unlike DIY dog fences that let owners change the correction level on their dog collar, Invisible Fence adjusts the correction levels based on certified trainer’s expertise to ensure your pet is set up for success.

Myth: Battery leaks are common with e-collars. 

False. In line with increased quality standards for all battery types across industries, Invisible Fence Power Cap® Batteries are sealed to prevent battery acid leaks. Additionally, our Computer Collar® Units are waterproof, preventing liquids of any kind from getting in or out.

Myth: Electric fences lock dogs out of their yard.

False. While some dog fences give your dog a correction even when re-entering their yard (therefore potentially locking them out), Invisible Fence has an exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology. This is a essentially a free pass feature that allows dogs to re-enter with zero accidental lockouts (or confusion).

Myth: There are several different “Invisible Fence” companies.

False. There is only one Invisible Fence® Brand. So when you are reading electric dog fence reviews, be sure to ask what company people used because the technology and experience varies by each company. For example, Invisible Fence is the only dog fence company that offers Boundary Plus and Perfect Start training.
As one satisfied customer wrote to us recently: 

“Everything from the first phone call to the last training session was without flaw. [Your professional trainer] walked me through the entire process and didn't leave until I felt 100% comfortable with the product. The appointment, training and follow up was just as professional. My dog understood her yard and area, and when I had a question or concern they were there to answer.”

Deciding on a containment solution for your pet is a big decision. Since 1973, Invisible Fence’s innovative solutions, industry-leading training and expertise have given more than 3 million pets newfound independence and security - while also instilling confidence in their owners.

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