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8 Life Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 09-24-2018
As much as we love our pets, let’s be real…there are just some things we could live without. Yes, that dog hair on your pricey sofa, stinky kisses and the destruction of the flowerbed you so beautifully laid out. But don’t you worry… these eight pet hacks are here to help!

1. Remove Pet Hair

One of the number one problems associated with dog and/or cat ownership is shedding, but with a pet hack like Squeegees, you can quickly remove unwanted pet hair from carpets, upholstered furniture and cars. For more daily upkeep, you can also try a DIY pet hair removal tool by like wrapping duct tape (sticky-side-out) around a paint roller and use over car seats and more.
OR why not avoid hairy situations all together? If you don’t want cat hair on your clothes or dog hair on the couch, try an Indoor Shields® Plus Solution. With an adjustable signal field, Shields Plus Units have saved 179,947 sofas since 1973.

2. Dogs Eating the Cat Food? Cats Eating the Dog Food? Ants Eating Both Your Pets Food?

There’s a pet hack for that too. For ants, just draw an outline using chalk around outdoor pet food bowls. Ants won't cross a chalk line because it interferes with their ability to follow scent trails left by other ants and prefer not to walk through a line of powdery material such as chalk dust.
For multi-pet homes, the Micro Shields® Indoor Solution can make feeding time a breeze! The Indoor Micro Shields Plus Units offer adjustable settings, so your cat and dog have access to different areas of your house and don’t eat each other’s food – an especially helpful trick for pets on a prescription diet.

3. Dogs Scared of Thunder

There are several ways to weather the storm for dogs that fear thunder. Rewarding calm behavior, using a Thundershirt and creating a safe place for your pet are key.

4. DIY Dog Toys (and Treats)

Help pets stay hydrated and occupied by freezing toys and bones in chicken broth and water in a bowl or cake mold. Pups will love licking their way to a cool treat in the center!

5. Get Rid of Bad Dog Breath

Our friends at The Dogington Post have a fresh idea: spread some doggie toothpaste (often mint or bacon flavored) on your pet’s favorite chew toys. And while they gnaw away, they’re not only having a ‘ball’ but getting a cleaning too! While home remedies like this can help with bad dog breath, also be aware that this can be a sign of an unhealthy mouth and may need veterinary attention.

6. Keeping Pets Out of Your Flowerbed

Colorful flowers are pretty to look at but munching on them is a big no-no when it comes to pets. Add an Outdoor Shields® Plus Solution as a discreet fix to your landscaping, gardens and flowerbeds. Your cats and dogs can wander and roam while respecting their boundaries and staying away from poisonous plants and off-limits areas.

7. Stop a Dog From Eating Too Fast

Does your dog like to inhale his food? Teach your dog to eat more slowly by placing a ball in the food bowl. Not only does this make a game out of dinner, but it slows down the pace and helps your pet digest food more easily and avoid stomach aches and vomiting. Another way to control pet’s food portions is to get an automatic feeder.

8. Pet Hacks for Dog Baths

Make bath time fun time. Before the bath, get outdoors if you can and let your pet run around and burn off a lot of energy. Then, when it’s time for a bath, keep the water lukewarm and add a toy or two for good, clean fun. Afterward, be sure to give a treat for good behavior and dry your pet thoroughly so they don’t catch a chill.
Schedule Your Free ConsultationWhether looking for a pet hack for inside or outdoors, Invisible Fence® Brand’s wireless pet fences and solutions can eliminate temptations and keep pets happy and safe! More pet questions? We’ve got a hack for that!