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Best Pet Containment for Dogs and Cats

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 10-09-2019

Google has dozens of articles about which wireless dog fence is best?” or “underground dog fence reviews,” but when it comes to security, you need a system that works for the whole family – including your cat. Unlike other DIY dog fence companies, Invisible Fence® Brand provides pet owners with containment solutions designed for multi-pet homes. Here are three reasons why Invisible Fence is the best pet containment for dogs AND cats.

1. Custom Fences for Dogs and Cats 

Invisible Fence has indoor and outdoor boundaries that both dogs and cats can use. In fact, we started customizing containment for dogs and cats as early as 1981, when we shrunk the collar unit from 13 oz to 3 oz, so cats and smaller dogs can both where our collars comfortably. Where other dog fence companies only offer 5-10 correction levels, Invisible Fence Computer Collar® Receivers have millions of settings adjustable based on size, age, breed, personality, temperament, behavior, need, etc. It’s the millions of customized settings that make us the best pet containment for dogs and cats.

2. Exclusive Pet Containment Technology

Did we mention our pet containment technology is exclusive to Invisible Fence? Boundary Plus® Technology is the only electric fence on the market with zero accidental yard lockouts because unlike other systems Boundary Plus does not give pets mixed signals that keep them from re-entering their yard. We take pride in preventing breakouts in the first place thanks to our endless boundary that doesn’t allow pets to run beyond the signal’s reach.

We also have tools like the CF-3000 that provide you with your pet’s Digital Report Card, so you can get a play-by-play of how your pet is adjusting to the system. The Digital Report Card provides an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your system’s performance—ensuring that everything is installed according to your specifications and running perfectly.

3. Dog-Friendly and Cat-Friendly Training

Unlike DIY pet containment, Invisible Fence comes with animal-behaviorist approved Perfect Start™ Plus Training with certified trainers who help teach dogs and cats how to stay in their yard. We use our Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology and our Perfect Start methodology to work with pet owners over the course of several training sessions.
In fact, Invisible Fence training and technology is so customizable, we have even trained pigs, goats, cows and a lemur to be safely contained. (Check out our crazy gang of Invisible Fence Graduates, here!)Schedule Your Free Consultation

Since 1973, Invisible Fence’s innovative solutions, industry-leading training and expertise have given more than 3 million pets newfound independence and security - while also instilling confidence in their owners.

Schedule your FREE in-home consultation today to learn how fencing solutions, Indoor and Outdoor Shields® Units and automatic pet doors can provide safe boundaries for many scenarios.



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