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Can the Invisible Fence® Brand Go Across Driveways?

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 03-14-2023

The answer is yes, but driveways are just the beginning!

Invisible Fence® Brand systems are installed by experts who know exactly how to ensure that your system will work across many types of terrain. Here are 4 areas where Invisible Fence® Brand Can Work.

Installing across driveways and sidewalks

Invisible Fence® Brand systems can be installed across driveways made of concrete, asphalt, and gravel. The method of installation changes based on the construction of the driveway. Sometimes an expansion joint can be used, other times we make an incision in the driveway surface or design another solution.

Working around pools

To keep your dog out of your pool, we sometimes use dual-loop systems, which create a separate underground wire loop that blocks your dog from the perimeter.

Other times, we can use Outdoor Shields® units which are fully compatible with your Invisible Fence® Brand system. Outdoor Shields® units create adjustable, circular signal fields up to 12 feet in diameter and offer custom protection.

Natural bodies of water

Our technicians can install Invisible Fence® Brand systems around or through ponds, lakes, streams, or other natural bodies of water. This can keep your dog from reaching the water or limit their access to one part of it.

Protecting your gardens

Those of us who love gardens will love the ability to protect them from running, playing, digging, and rolling dogs!

Similar to protecting pools, Invisible Fence® Brand systems can be installed to protect gardens, or we can use Outdoor Shields® solutions to provide extended, targeted protection of key areas.

Since 1973, Invisible Fence® Brand’s innovative solutions, industry-leading training and expertise have given more than 3 million pets newfound independence and security - while also instilling confidence in their owners.

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