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FAQ: Invisible Fence® Brand Control Panel and Correction

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 11-04-2022

It’s important to do your homework before buying an electric dog fence or even after. You may have questions like "can I change the level of static correction?", "can a storm knock out my electric fence" or "why do some pets escape their fence?". In this blog we answer frequently asked questions about how Invisible Fence® Brand works, about our control panel and correction, and when to call a technician!

Can I change the level of static correction?

Before we answer that question, let's go over how Invisible Fence® Brand works! For our outdoor containment solutions, a wire is installed around the perimeter of your property, creating the Invisible Boundary®. Then, a transmitter sends a radio signal along the wire. The radio signal is picked up by your pet's Computer Collar® Receiver, which emits a warning sound when your pet approaches the Invisible Boundary®. It is important to note that we have thousands of different customizable corrections. The level of correction used is based on the personality, not the size or breed of your pet. If you see or feel like the static correction is set at a level where it's ineffective for your pet, schedule a time for a technician to come out and make necessary adjustments. 

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What if I feel like my pet is not/won't respond to correction?

At Invisible Fence® Brand, we have decades of experience when it comes to pets and their behaviors. While we have the first and most advanced fence technology, we have also developed training protocols in collaboration with leading animal behaviorists from around the country. This is why if you feel like the static correction is not working for your pet, it's important to call a technician. Our experienced techs can recommend if your pet simply needs more training to understand their new boundaries. 

Our trainers become certified in Perfect Start™ Plus Training after intensive coursework in animal behavior, both in the classroom and in the field. And they’re able to customize the training and the technology to each of your pets’ individual needs and behaviors. Invisible Fence also provides expert training for cats.

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Why do some pets escape their electric fence?

There could be a few reasons why some pets escape their fence. The number one reason is that the battery on the Computer Collar is low or has died. If you have started to see a red flashing light on your pet’s Computer Collar unit, it's time to switch out the Power Cap battery. To ensure this doesn't happen, you can sign up to get a subscription where we sent you a battery every three months minimizing the chance of your pet escaping their fence.

Another reason why pets escape their fence is due to their Computer Collars not being fitted correctly. Ensure that your pet’s Computer Collar receiver is fitted properly to his neck. The collar should be snug enough to slide only one finger between a correction post and your pet’s skin. Remember to adjust the fit of the collar as your pet’s coat, weight, and age change. Your pet’s coat may change from season to season.

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If my pet does escape their fence, can they get back in without a correction?

Yes! Our Boundary Plus® Wired System is the only in-ground fence that offers a correction-free return. So, if your pet were to get out, they can still come back in without a correction! Since we are the original innovator of the underground pet fence, Invisible Fence® Brand can be mistaken for other electric pet fences. You can feel good knowing our innovative Boundary Plus Technology allows pets to re-enter with zero accidental lockouts (or confusion). 

How can I know my Invisible Fence is not working properly?

If your Invisible Fence control panel is beeping every second, the most likely issue is that you have a wire break somewhere on your property. These can be caused by digging too deep when working in the yard, burrowing animals, and even the weather. The most important thing to know is that your fence will NOT contain your pets when there is a wire break, so you should not let your pets outside until the issue is resolved. To set up a service call for a wire break, call 866-804-1250 or request a service appointment from your local dealer online by clicking here.

If your Invisible Fence control panel is beeping with a lengthy pause between each beep, it’s possible your backup battery unit needs to be replaced. Your fence will still work, but if your power goes out, the system will no longer be operational until power is restored. You can purchase replacements through your local dealer by calling 866-804-1250.

Can I test the Computer Collar on myself to see how it feels or works?

Yes, you can, but make sure you’re testing the collar at the same height level as your pet. If you’re holding the collar at your waist and you have a small dog or cat, you may not hear the tone or feel the correction because you’re above the signal field. If you have a Boundary Plus® system, you’ll also want to make sure you walk through the boundary, as the correction does not occur until your pet leaves the yard. 

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