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Four Ways to Understand What Your Dog is Saying

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 08-29-2018
You don’t have to be Dr. Dolittle to engage in a little dog talk. Dogs are often eager to “chat” and let us know how they’re feeling or wanting to engage with us. If you want to speak dog, keep reading to understand what your dog is saying…
 Why Do Dogs Bark?
“Depending on their duration and pitch, dog barks can be a warning, distress signal or just a friendly hello.” (Rover) If you hear us barking quickly, it’s an alert that someone (like a delivery person) is entering our space. If we bark a lot when you leave, we’re likely lonely and feel separation anxiety. Just like humans, we can sometimes get a bit irritable too. A single short bark at another dog may be telling them to stop what they’re doing, which often happens after we’re worn out from lots of intense play. But the best sound of all is a couple of happy barks when you get home. Can we play fetch now?
Why Do Dogs Growl?
Growls mean different things in different situations. If you and I are playing with a toy, it might be my way of teasing you, showing you how proud I am to have stolen the toy away or cling tight to it. Other times, we could be warning someone to stay away. Paying attention to body language is important – if I am loose and wiggly, a growl means that playtime is still a GO. If my body is still and I don’t seem all that thrilled, my growl should be a warning that I’m feeling uncomfortable or stressed. The American Kennel Club notes that dogs who are punished too often for growling may decide to just skip to the next warning level — the bite! So be careful to pay close attention to our growl language and respond appropriately.

Why Do Dogs Howl?

There’s more to howling than making noises at the moon. As the experts at Cesar’s Way tell us, we share a distant ancestry with wolves and howling is genetic. According to the Dog Whisperer, this is “totally normal and natural as long as it’s not chronic, pervasive or invasive.” It’s also how we communicate. We might be telling a strange animal to stay away, or responding to sirens or loud noises to let them know where we are. If we do this when you leave, it could mean we’re feeling lonely. It can also be our way of telling you we don’t feel well or are hurt. If we howl often and sound distressed, it’s time to visit the vet. 

Why Do Dogs Whine?

While most people interpret whines as our being unhappy, the professionals at American Kennel Club say that whines can also be used to convey happiness or excitement. So which is which? Whines of delight – when you return home from a trip, for example – will conclude with a drop in pitch toward the end or no change at all. If upset and in distress, our whines may rise in pitch toward the end. You may also hear this when we’re in need of something like going out to the bathroom. Luckily, a Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door lets us go safely inside and out when we want and you allow, no whining or accidents. Listen carefully and you’ll be pitch perfect in finding out what we need.
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