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History of Invisible Fence: 45 Best in Show Moments

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 08-10-2018
Invisible Fence® Brand turns 45 this month! And while a lot has changed over the past four decades, one thing has stayed the same: our passion for protecting your pets.
Keep reading to see what technology, customer stories and four-legged friends we’re calling our “Best in Show” moments throughout the history of Invisible Fence

1. First Electronic Dog Fence System

IRichard Peckn 1973, our founder Richard Peck began noticing an alarming number of dogs roaming the streets. Taking matters into his own hands, he partnered with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and Battelle Laboratories to develop and patent the first electronic dog fence system.

2. Pioneering Pet Containment

The first version of our electronic dog fence product was about the size of a deck of cards, attached to dog collars.

3. Research Proves Safe, Gentle and Effective

In 1975, research indicates the new electronic fencing system to be safe, gentle and effective for animals.

​4. First System Sold!

Fifty systems were sold the first year with national promotion in magazines like Dogs and Dog Fancy.

5. Making Pet Owners Confident One Pet at a Time

Gunnar happy Invisible Fence dog

Since being founded, we’ve trained and installed safe invisible fencing solutions for more than 3 million happy owners and pets, like Mr. Gunnar here. And this is just the start!



6. Purrrfect Fit for Cats

Invisible Fence Brand CatIn 1981, the collar weight shrunk from 13 ounces to 3 ounces, making Invisible Fence suitable for cats and small dogs.

7. #PetsofInvisibleFence Make Community Impact

Patches therapy catPatches, a pet of Invisible Fence, became the official pet of a long-term care facility in Alberta, Canada, where she lifts the spirits of elderly residents while keeping out of off-limits places (thanks to a Shields® Indoor Solution). Read her sweet story here.


8. First Invisible Fence Dealership Established

Invisible Fence by StayDog was the first Invisible Fence dealer established and is still a customer-favorite today! The first of 298 trusted, authorized dealers across the U.S. and Canada.

9. Achieving Dozens of Patents

In 1987, we achieved more than a dozen patents that helped us continue improving our technology.

10. Animal Behaviorists, Vets and Dog Trainers Help Develop Certified Training Program

Perfect Start Plus raining with dogIn 1995, we consulted with leading animal behaviorists, vets and dog trainers to develop a certified training program for pet containment.

11. Positive Reviews for Consultations, Training and Installation

“I've been really pleased with my experience using Invisible Fence. From the consultation to the training, everything has been wonderful. All of my trainers have been patient and understanding. Scheduling is super flexible. Installation was seamless. The knowledge and customer service is top notch!” – Holly Archbold, pet parent and happy customer

12. First Indoor Avoidance Solution

In 1996 came the world’s first indoor avoidance solution, protecting animals from hazards, temptations and off-limits areas inside the home.
Shields avoidance solutions

13. Joined the Radio Systems® Corporation Family

In 2006, the Invisible Fence® Brand got new proud parents: Radio Systems® Corp., a leader in pet technology and innovative products, based in Knoxville, Tenn.

14. Best Invisible Fence for Large Lots

Our GPS 2.0: The Ultimate Wire-Free Pet Fence Solution, which debuted in 2013, is the most advanced pet fence on the market. It uses GPS satellites to set boundaries in any shape with no maximum size. With no wires and no digging, pets experience the ultimate safety and freedom. Great for large tracts of land more than 5 acres.

15. Invisible Fence Donations that Save Lives

Penny the dogHere’s a story about Penny the Vizsla who took a 2,400-mile road trip after wandering off her farm in Royal City, Wash. Once Penny was found and arrived home, we donated a GPS 2.0 Ultimate Wire-Free Pet Fence and a Boundary Plus® Fencing Solution to owners Kendra and Colt Brown, to help keep Penny home and safe. Happy endings are our favorite!


16. Added Electronic Pet Doors to Our Product Lineup

Doorman Pet DoorWith the release of the Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door, pets can safely go inside and out whenever they want and you allow (since you get to choose what times they can use the door). Offering this additional layer of flexibility was a huge milestone for us and a huge help to our customers!


17. Consumers Digest Best Buy Award

Boundary Plus Technology illustrationIn 2017, our exclusive Boundary Plus® pet fence technology was rated a Consumers Digest “Best Buy” in the underground pet-containment category.



18. Lifelong Customers

Pet in TrainingOver the past 45 years we have blessed with two-legged and four-legged customers.


19. Supporting Rescue Dogs

“I have had this product to surround my large yard in a busy street for years. I have three children and three dogs I adopted from the shelter. As a busy mom who wants to have the peace of mind to allow and even encourage the kids to play and run free with our dogs all over the yard, but not stress out that the dogs could dig out, push through holes in fence, or otherwise get out; this Invisible Fence has been a lifesaver; literally. The icing on the cake is how easy it is. It’s low maintenance, safe, and humane-especially when compared with risking my dogs being hit by a car or running away. I can continue saving and rescuing dogs and allowing them to enjoy a quality life without worrying that they could get lost or killed, which would be the worst thing in the world to our family…I highly recommend giving them a call if you have pets who need safe, attractive, easy, and stress-free containment!” - Meredith Trammell, shelter pup mom and Invisible Fence® Brand customer

20. Project Breathe™ Project

Project-Breathe-ProgramEach year, it’s estimated more than 40,000 pets die in house fires, most succumbing to smoke inhalation. That’s why we founded Project Breathe to equip all fire departments across America with life-saving pet oxygen masks. Pets like Max in Rochester, Ind., are living proof of this program’s impact.



21. Our Certified Trainers

Bear-Pavi.jpgOur professionally certified trainers have many Best in Show moments, including teaching pets of all ages, sizes, breeds and personalities to learn safe boundaries. Eight-month-old Bear ‘graduated’ with the help of Invisible Fence of Maryland trainer Pavi.

22. Pet Solutions for Apartments, Condos and Indoor Animals

We’re proud to now offer pet solutions for small indoor areas up to three feet across with the . Perfect for keeping pets away from plants, power cords, even trash cans – making a difference for apartment-living and indoor animals.

23. Confidently Offer Lifetime Limited Warranty

To make sure customers are confident in their pets’ safety, we are able to offer lifetime limited warranty.

24. Expanding Our Footprint – Invisible Fence on the West Coast

Titus-angels.jpgWe’re lucky to work withauthorized Invisible Fence dealerships across the entire U.S., including this group from the West Coast. Invisible Fence Brand Peninsulas has made play safe AND entertaining for 3,200 four-legged friends from west of Seattle, the Islands and Peninsulas.



25. Cat-Friendly Invisible Fence

Lily.jpgThe ability to have pet containment solutions suitable for cats and dogs is something we’re very proud of. We are one of the few in the industry with collars small enough, so felines like Lilly in Minnesota are ‘purrfectly’ safe to explore the outdoors with an invisible cat fence.

26. Project Breathe Donation Saved Cat’s Life

Project Breathe saved a cat’s life Just days after donating a mask to the Lehigh Fire Control District. Read more here.

27. Expanding Our Social Media Family

Like most dogs, we’re very social! It means so much to be able to connect with customers on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Seeing our community share their pet stories is another favorite Best in Show moment for us!

28. 1 Million Pet-Friendly Acres

dog-running.jpgWe officially have more than 1 million pet-friendly acres with our containment fencing solutions.


29. Safe for Mommy Dogs and Cats

Expecting dog or cat moms (and nursing mommas too) can safely use Invisible Fence® Brand. We’re proud to say our products are safe for all generations!

30. 23,500 Pet Oxygen Masks Donated

ProjectBreathe-donations.jpgProject Breathe has donated more than 23,500 life-saving pet oxygen masks to fire stations and first responder units throughout the U.S. and Canada. Request a kit for your local station today!




31. More than 3 Million Graduating Pups

miller.jpgIn the past 45 years, we’ve graduated more than three million pups, including Miller in Louisville


32. Continued Impact – Invisible Fence on the East Coast

Our Invisible Fence Dealers on the East Coast continue to make an impact. In fact, Invisible Fence of Upstate New York has helped more than 30,000 pet families with our systems.

33. Perfect Start™ Plus Training

IFB_Training.jpgToday we are the only scientifically-based pet training approved by leading animal behaviorists with our exclusive Perfect Start™ Plus training. In fact, it is part of every solution we sell, and is tailored to each pet’s size, breed and personality so they understand boundaries safely and comfortably.


34. Presence in More Countries - Invisible Fence in Canada

IFB_Canada.jpgHappy to help pets of all nationalities, including our four-legged friends in Canada. 


35. Growing Our Family

Brandee.jpgWe get to enjoy memorable moments every day like adding Brandee to our Invisible Fence family. She loves the freedom our fencing gives so they can play off the leash any time.




36. Invisible Fence Solutions for Puppies

IFB_puppy.jpgWe love being able to offer Invisible Fence for old and young dogs! Part of learning safe boundaries includes flags being set up in the yard or home, so even puppies can easily find their perimeters.



37. Fully Equipping Detroit Fire Departments with Pet Oxygen Masks

detroit-donation.jpgWe were featured in Parade Magazine for donating more than 800 pet oxygen masks to the Detroit Fire Dept., making it one of the only metro fire departments in the country to now be fully equipped with these life-saving devices.


38. Invisible Fence for Henry the Bull

Henry-the-bull.jpgThink we only serve cats and dogs? Think again! Henry the Bull now safely roams without ever having a ‘cow-tastrophie.


39. Dog Training for the Whole Pack

group-of-dogs.jpgWe’re able to offer products and training customizable to each dog in your pack. And we pride ourselves on that because the more dogs the merrier, right?


40. Confidently Offer Money-Back Performance Guarantee

45 years as pet containment experts make us confident in our product – so confident that we can offer a Money-Back Performance Guarantee.

41. 250+ Team Members Trained

dealer-training.jpgWe never stop training our team members on the best ways to support customers with the latest technologies. In 2017, more than 250 team members came to the second annual Invisible Fence® Brand Academy in Knoxville, Tenn.


42. Invisible Fence for Service Dogs

Some of our pets and owners are also heroes, like Maryland Police Trooper First Class Brian McInerney and his partner, Gunner, who has an affinity for deer chasing. Gunner holds the current record for ‘finds’ among all active bloodhounds in Maryland.


43. Offering Cat Fences Too!

Cats have powerful night vision and can see at light levels SIX TIMES lower than what humans can. Our Boundary Plus® Solution is one of the best methods to give cats their freedom and keep them secured on your property with zero accidental yard lockouts, even while they roam at night.

44. Weather-Resistant Dog Fencing.

snow-training.jpgRegardless of weather or time of year, our trainers are ready and prepared to tackle training your pets, even in the most ‘furr-ocious’ of conditions! Chicago-area trainer Sandy helped this snowbound Weimaraner understand the new ‘hidden fence’ around the yard



45. The Best Pet Parents in the World!

brody.jpgThanks for putting your trust in us. Here’s to 45 MORE years working with your lovable pets and pooches, like Brody here in Woodenville, Ohio

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