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Expert advice and video on how to keep your cat from scratching your furniture.

How to Keep Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 01-20-2020

There are certain things only cat owners understand. In addition to how to keep cats off counters and how to keep cats from pooping in your yard, the other most frequently asked how-to question for feline companions is how to keep your cat from scratching your furniture. Lucky for you, we put together a short video from our Certified Pet Trainer, Sandy Benes, with tips on how to stop cat scratching.

Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture?

The key to preventing your cat from clawing furniture is understanding why your cat is scratching in the first place. Cats scratch furniture for a variety of reasons including stretching, filing their nails and marketing their territory. While not all cats scratch furniture, cat scratching is very common - especially in indoor cats.

Cat Scratching Solutions

Prevent your cat from scratching your furniture and drapes by using deterrents or creating boundaries around areas you would like to keep restricted from your cat. If you notice your cat scratching, you can try spraying them with a water bottle or clapping your hands to distract them from that behavior.

Another product to stop your cat from scratching is Invisible Fence® Brand's Indoor Shields® Solutions. Indoor Shields units provide safe, Invisible® Boundaries to keep your cat away from areas that they would normally scratch.

Along with creating off-limit areas, it is also important to provide cat-friendly zones in your house like “scratching area” for your cat, so they can redirect their claws on a scratching post instead of your new sofa and chairs.

Learn More About Our Indoor Shields Units

Keeping your cat from scratching your furniture is no easy task. But since 1973, Invisible Fence® Brand has helped cat owners find customized solutions to keep your cat and your home protected. Schedule a consultation to learn how Invisible Fence® Brand Solutions can provide safe boundaries for many indoor and outdoor scenarios.

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