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Looking to protect your garden and your dog? Invisible Fence® Brand has created the perfect guide on how to keep your dog from digging in your flower bed!

How to Keep Your Dog From Digging in Your Flower Bed

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 03-10-2020

Many pet owners struggle with keeping their dogs out of their gardens and flower beds. Not only do you want to protect your landscaping, but you also want to keep your dog from accidentally eating harmful plants or compost. To help protect your dog and your garden, we put together our top tips on how to keep your dog from digging in your flower bed.


Why is my dog digging in my flower beds?

Before trying to change your pet’s behavior, it is important to understand why that behavior occurs. Dogs can dig up the garden for several reasons. Many dogs do not like to use the bathroom where they play. For these dogs, your secluded flower beds are the perfect place to relieve themselves away from their activity space.

Dogs also use dirt as a way to cool off. For some dogs, rolling in the dirt from your flower bed or garden after digging can provide the perfect cool down on a hot Summer's day. While some dogs have practical reasons for digging up your garden, others can simply dig out of boredom

Ways to prevent your dog from digging in your flower bed.

There are several different methods to keeping your dog from digging up your flower beds or garden. In some cases, giving your dog plenty of stimulating exercise can prevent digging caused by boredom. Providing your dog with toys while they are outside can keep him distracted and out of your flower beds.

Another solution is Invisible Fence® Brand’s Outdoor Shields® Solutions. Our Outdoor Shields are Outdoor Shields are Invisible® barriers that help keep your dog out of the landscaping and other outdoor trouble spots — like garbage cans, pools, grills and fire pits. Our certified trainers teach your dog his boundaries without fear or confusion, so you can be confident your dog will stay with the boundaries you set.

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Keeping your dog from digging in your flower beds doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Since 1973 Invisible Fence® Brand’s innovative solutions, industry-leading training and expertise have given more than 3 million pets newfound independence and security - while also instilling confidence in their owners.

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