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How to Stop your Dog Peeing in the House

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 12-17-2019

Many dog owners want to know how to stop their dog from peeing in the house. Unfortunately, house soiling or marking by dogs can be a hard habit to break. But this blog talks through possible reasons your dog is peeing in the house and how to deal with house training your puppy or dog, so you can avoid accidents all together.

Why does my dog pee in the house?

The first step to stopping inappropriate urination is to figure out why your dog is peeing in the house. This starts with asking yourself if your dog is currently house trained or not?

If you are in the beginning stages of puppy training, your dog may just simply need to learn where he can and cannot relieve himself. When house training puppies and teaching them to stop peeing indoors, remember to always be patient, give clear boundaries and let them outside often to potty.

If you are experiencing an older dog urinating in the house, there may be something else going on. According to the AKC, accidents could indicate your dog is suffering from a medical condition such as urinary tract infection, kidney disease or diabetes. If you think your dog may be having accidents due to a medical condition rather than a behavioral issue, check with your vet to explore your options.

Give your dog access outside for potty breaks

People have different ideas of how long you can leave your dog inside. Some people say dogs can hold it for 6-8 hours. Others say crate-trained dogs can hold it for 10-12 hours. The truth is that it depends on the dog. So if your dog is peeing in the house, it may not be able to hold it for as long as you assumed.

Give your dog the flexibility to let himself out with an automatic pet door. For example, the Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door lets you program rules for your pets to come and go as they please into your yard, so you never have to worry about coming home to accidents or letting your dog out to pee at night. Plus, it is equipped with advanced safety technology that locks automatically, so only your pet has access.

Block off areas your dog is having accidents

If your dog is peeing in your home due to behavioral issues, it is best to limit his access to those areas. Invisible Fence® Brand’s Indoor Shields® Plus Solutions allow you to set avoidance boundaries around areas you would like to keep your pet away from. This indoor pet barrier allows your pet access to roam areas of the house that you deem safe and creates an Invisible Boundary® around areas you prefer to be off-limits. People often use Shields to keep pets off furniture, out of bedrooms or away from their closet.

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