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Indoor Cats vs Outdoor Cats: How to Keep Your Cat Safe Outside & Inside

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 08-06-2019

Many cat owners ask if it is safe to let their cat outside or if their cat will be happier indoors. In this blog, we address the ongoing debate on indoor cats vs outdoor cats and offer tips on how to keep your cat safe outside and inside.

Indoor Cats vs Outdoor Cats

Before diving into cat safety tips, we want to address the popular question: Do indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats? It’s a mixed bag of reviews. While some animal organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) say that cats lead safer lives indoors and can reach 17 or more years of age inside, other experts like Veterinarian Dr. Wilford say there are increased risks of an indoor lifestyle. The truth is that there are healthy and safe ways to do both!

How to Keep Your Cat Safe Indoors

While keeping your cat indoors may feel like the safe choice, there are risks associated with keeping your cat inside 24/7. For example, indoor cats are prone to less exercise which can cause Diabetes, Obesity, Hyperthyroidism, decreased fitness, exposure to household hazards or behavior problems like spraying, scratching or other obsessive behaviors. But there are ways to keep your cat safe indoors and happy being an indoor cat

Keep Your Indoor Cat Engaged

Just like humans, cats need to stay physically and mentally stimulated. Toys like the Egg-Cersizer™ Cat Toy appeal to your cat's prey drive, so your cat feels like it’s catching prey every time it plays. Other ways to keep your indoor cat happy and engaged might include building a “catio,” installing a perch, providing a kitty condo or offering cat grass

Keep Your Indoor Cat Away from Harmful Areas

Creating designated areas inside your home that are cat-friendly will protect your cat and your home. Products like Invisible Fence® Brand’s Indoor Shields® Solutions can protect your cat from harmful areas like candles or poisonous plants for cats, while also stopping your cat from scratching furniture or jumping on counters. Perfect way to ensure your cat is using its scratching post instead of clawing around the house. And best of all, the Indoor Shields help your cat understand his or her boundaries even when you are not home

Stop Your Cat from Running Out the Front Door

Many indoor cat owners struggle with keeping their cat from running out the front door. Sometimes with a hand full of groceries, it is difficult to get the door closed quickly – we’ve all been there! That’s why Shields® Gate was designed with doorways and hallways in mind. The Invisible® barrier was designed to prevent your cats from escaping while giving you convenient, trip-free maneuverability throughout your home.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe Outdoors

Even with the ideal home environment, an indoor cat can sometimes get a little stir crazy. But, it is possible for indoor cats to safely enjoy some time outside. The key is to decrease the risks associated with outdoors. Here are a few ways to keep outdoor cats safe

Control When Your Cat Goes Outside

Giving your cat restricted outside access rather than free roam is key to keeping your cat safe outside. With the Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door, you control the times your cat can go outside. This can help stop your cat from getting in fights and protect your cats from predators at night

Keep Your Outdoor Cat from Roaming

The struggle to keep your outdoor cat in your yard is one of the main reasons owners keep their cats indoors. With outdoor containment solutions, owners can have peace of mind when their cats venture out alone. For example, our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology allows your cat to run and play right up to the edge of the yard, with an average of 30 percent more roaming room.
Watch this video to see how Invisible Fence® Brand helps keep Whiskey safe indoors and out:

Deciding to keep your cat indoors or let them have access to the outdoors is a difficult decision for every cat owner. Since 1973, Invisible Fence® Brand’s innovative solutions, industry-leading technology and expert training have given more than 3 million pets newfound independence and security - while also instilling confidence in their owners.

Learn about how our containment, avoidance and access solutions can provide safe boundaries for many outdoor scenarios at your FREE consultation.


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