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Meet the #PetsofInvisibleFence

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 05-01-2018
This month we’re celebrating one of our favorite times of year – National Pet Month – and the 3+ million lovable pets we’ve helped protect since 1973. After 45 years (um, that would be 315 in dog years), it’s safe to say we’ve worked with just about every type of pet: cuddly and cute, small but spunky, gentle giants, curious Georges, fierce watch dogs, to the downright tricksters. But we can’t just keep these adorable pets to ourselves. Meet some of the ones we’ve met along the way. Introducing the #PetsofInvisibleFence…

Sam from Raleigh, NCThis is Sam from Raleigh, N.C. and he likes to “Walk it Out.” This sweet boy was rescued from the Wake County Animal Shelter just 30 minutes after he was dropped off (and with a face like that, we can see why!). Some would say he’s one lucky dog, but we say we’re the lucky ones to have him as a member of our Invisible Fence Family.

Swirly, Daisy and JJ from Ontario, CanadaTalk about a sweet sibling trio! Swirly, Daisy and JJ from Ontario, Canada were feral neighborhood cats before their owner, Kerri, rescued them. “They really do love their [Invisible] Fence, and are now safe, happy and healthy,” the owner says. “I love their Invisible Fence, too – it keeps them from scratching the couches.” We’re happy to be your couch protector, Kerri!
Kevin Bacon from Bothell, WashingtonBet you thought our products were only for dogs and cats. Well, you would be mistaken! Here’s Kevin Bacon from Bothell, Wash. Before he was this much piggy to love, he was a house pet. But now that he’s all grown up, he spends his days safely outside on his wooded property.
Luke, Lenny and Buddy are from Upstate New YorkTriple the licks, triple the fun! Luke, Lenny and Buddy are the best of pals from Upstate New York. These three #PetsofInvisibleFence mind their boundaries outside all day long – even when the school bus pulls up and unloads. Charles, their proud owner, told us, "I never thought the fence would work, but now I tell everyone Invisible Fence Brand is the real deal.”

Goats from his Fall City, WashingtonChewed up fences? Bye, bye plants? Think again, fellas. Even mischievous goats can be safely contained and kept out of your vegetable garden. This Fall City, Wash. pair is all smiles as they stay out of trouble thanks to effective outdoor boundaries. 
Miss Lilly from Maple Lake, MinnesotaWho’s white, fluffy and loves to strut her stuff? Miss Lilly from Maple Lake, Minn., that’s who! Felines love the freedom of roaming outside with customized fencing solutions. Our exclusive Boundary Plus Technology provides 30 percent more yard space for pets like Lilly, making it the PURR-fect solution for smaller yards. 
Miss Mary, a Patagonian Mara from Eastern MichiganOur products can work with even the most unconventional pets, like Miss Mary, a Patagonian Mara from Eastern Michigan. It just goes to show that with our exclusive Perfect Start Plus Training, even an animal in the rodent family can learn their boundaries. Welcome to our family, Miss Mary!
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It’s the ultimate treat getting to work with your pets and customize solutions that fit their personalities to safely provide them with freedom and you, with confidence and peace of mind. If you have a sweet story, a solution you love or just an adorable snapshot of your happy, safe pet, please share it with us! Use #PetsofInvisibleFence for a chance to be featured.

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