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Things to Know About Training Your Dog on Invisble Fence

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 06-25-2019

Before buying our products for their cats and dogs, pet owners want to know more about Invisible Fence® Brand, static correction and our complete indoor and outdoor solutions. That’s why we created a blog series called “Things to Know About Invisible Fence,” where we address frequently asked questions about topics including

For this blog, we breakdown what makes Invisible Fence dog training unique compared to other wireless dog fences, how long it takes to teach  your pet new boundaries and more.
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What is the difference between training your dog to use Invisible Fence and training your dog to use a DIY pet fence?

The biggest difference between training your dog to use Invisible Fence versus training your dog to use a DIY dog fence is that Invisible Fence includes a certified trainer and animal-behaviorist approved training method. Where DIY containment systems require owners to figure out collar settings, reinforcement, etc., Invisible Fence includes the help of certified trainers to teach pets how to stay in their yard.

In fact, each authorized Invisible Fence dealership has certified trainers that take intensive coursework in animal behavior, both in the classroom and in the field, so we can customize training for your pet. We use Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology and Perfect Start™ Plus Training Protocol to work WITH pet owners over the course of several training sessions until the pet is safely contained and the owner is 100% confident.

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Is Perfect Start™ Plus Training exclusive to Invisible Fence?

Yes! Perfect Start™ Plus was developed in collaboration with leading animal-behaviorists around the country to ensure dogs and cats learn boundaries without fear or distress. We believe training and technology should be customized to every pet’s individual needs and behaviors, taking into consideration factors such as

  • Breed
  • Size
  • Age
  • Temperament
  • Behavior
  • Motivation
  • History with Static
  • Household Needs
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How do you train your dog to use Invisible Fence?

With time and patience! The Perfect Start™ Plus Protocol was developed to help your pet better understand and remember its new boundaries. Training consists of combinations of in-home training using our Indoor Shields®, on-leash training in your yard, off-leash training outside, recall games, exit training and more. The process breaks down everything from boundary awareness, to reinforcement, to temptations and distractions.

How long does it take to train a dog to a wireless fence and learn new boundaries?

Invisible Fence requires a minimum of three weeks training; however, we will work with your pet on additional training sessions until they are confident with their new boundaries and can safely play in their yard without going over the edge. If you try to rush the training process, you risk making your dog confused and fearful of their yard

When can you start training your puppy with Invisible Fence?

Invisible Fence is puppy-friendly for puppies at least eight weeks old. Although, the Invisible Fence dog training age can vary depending on the pet. Our certified trainers work with pets of all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments, so your dog can learn its boundaries at its own pace.

How important is “training” when introducing your dog to an electric fence?

Training is the most important factor when introducing your dog or cat to an electric fence. We repeat – TRAINING is the most important factor when introducing your dog or cat to an electric fence.

All too often, people buy a DIY system and find out it “doesn’t work” because they don’t know the right way to train their dog. Improper training such as turning the collar settings too high or going through the steps too fast will only lead to fear and confusion. Our certified trainers, on the other hand, provide tips for training your dog to an electric fence that allows your pet to avoid static correction all together for a successful and stress-free experience.

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