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Tips for Living with Both Cats and Dogs

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 08-29-2019

Is a multi-pet household for you? Many pet owners want the best of both worlds and adopt a cat and a dog. At first, this raises questions like “Will my cat and dog will ever get along?” or “How do I introduce a dog to a cat home?” But even after introducing your dog to your cat, it takes patience and practice living in a multi-pet home. So, we compiled tips for living with both cats and dogs to keep them safe and keep you sane.

Mentally and Physically Exercise Your Dog and Cat

Managing a multi-pet household can be chaotic! One way to keep the house calm is by giving your dog and cat outlets to release their energy constructively.
Exercise Your Dog
Dogs instinctively enjoy running, chasing, herding and chewing. So, to avoid your dog chasing your cat, give your dog something else to chase like tennis balls and chew toys. With Invisible Fence® Brand's Boundary Plus® Technology, you can let your dog off the leash and play right up to the edge of your property without going over.
Exercise Your Cat
Similar to dogs, cats instinctually like to stalk prey and hunt too. Regardless if you have an indoor or outdoor cat, it is important to provide toys and games that imitate hunting behaviors. Giving mental and physical exercise is one way to stop your cat from attacking your dog

Give Your Pets a Private Place

While integrating cats and dogs into your household is important, you also need to remember to give them some personal space. Both dogs and cats need hiding places where they feel safe to retreat.
Cat-Only Places
Every cat needs a place to hide or observe from a perch – especially cats in multi-pet homes. We recommend creating a cat-only area for your feline where they can safely retreat from your dog to eat, use the litter box or just relax.
Physical barriers, like baby gates, are a great way to stop your dog from entering a designated “cat zone.” The downside to physical barriers is that they are an eyesore and a hassle for humans to climb over. Invisible® barriers, like the Shields® Gate or Indoor Shields® Solutions, allow you to train your dog to not enter a room or area, while still letting you and your cat walk through seamlessly.
Dog-Only Places
Creating a dog-friendly zone in your house is just as important as providing your cat a hiding place. Similar to why cats like to perch, dogs love crates because they act as a den-like environment and make them feel safe. You can also use automatic pet doors like our Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door to let your dog go out while keeping your cat in

Use the Same Tool to Train Your Cat and Dog

The key to living with cats and dogs in the same house is being able to teach each pet their own unique boundaries. Unlike other pet products, Invisible Fence can be customized for multiple pets using our exclusive Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology. Our technology can be integrated with any configuration of solutions from Invisible Fence Brand to give your cat and dog personalized settings that match their unique needs and habits.
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Living with both cats and dogs is possible with the right solutions. Invisible Fence® Brand has helped cats and dogs live together since 1973. Schedule a consultation to learn how Invisible Fence can provide safe boundaries for many indoor and outdoor scenarios.

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