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Considering an electric pet fence? Read this Invisible Fence® Brand Customer Review to learn how to train a Goldendoodle to use Invisible Fence.

Training a Goldendoodle to Use an Invisible Fence® Brand System

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 10-11-2023

Welcome to our Pets of Invisible Fence® Brand blog series, where we share stories of pets who graduated our Perfect Start™ Plus Training program to roam their yard securely and happily. This week, Invisible Fence of Northwest Illinois shares how Bailey the Goldendoodle uses two different Invisible Fence products to safely exert her energy outside and to prevent her from charging the door when guests visit.

First, learn about training Goldendoodles to use Invisible Fence

Many people ask, "Can you train Goldendoodles to use Invisible Fence?" The answer is YES! With our Perfect Start™ Plus training, we can train dogs and cats of all breeds, ages, sizes and temperaments to use our system - including Invisible Fence training for Goldendoodles.

Watch this video to learn more.

According to the ASPCA, Goldendoodles are known to be loving, playful and goofy. Both mental stimulation and physical exercise are beneficial to this breed. They're quick learners and learn best in a positive and consistent training environment. This is typically due to Goldendoodles being naturally intelligent and eager-to-please.

Here is Bailey's story:

Bailey is a spunky two-year-old Goldendoodle, who's full of energy and loves to play! Diane, Bailey's dog mom, and Bailey live in Machesney Park, Illinois. Though she's very active, Bailey also enjoys relaxing and often climbs up in Diane's lap to cuddle.

Why did Bailey's parents contact Invisible Fence of Northwest Illinois?

Diane and Bailey enjoy spending time exploring and taking long walks. Even though they go on plenty of walks, Diane knew she needed something else to allow Bailey the freedom to run off more energy. While Bailey deserves more freedom, it's important that she can play and run safely in her yard.

In addition to this, Bailey loves when guests come over to their house. Bailey is always sure to welcome her guest right at the door - but sometimes it can be difficult for their guests to enter the house. 

After getting feedback from friends and family, Diane reached out to her local Invisible Fence dealership for more information for electric fences.

"I've talked to others who purchased another brand and didn't have the same great results." - Diane

How did Invisible Fence of Northwest Illinois help Bailey run off her energy safely and allow guests to enter their home?

Diane's local dealer recommended the Boundary Plus® Wired System as a solution to allow Bailey to safely expend her energy. The Boundary Plus Wired fence is the original advanced pet fence technology, offering the longest range, the most room to play and exclusive free pass. Where traditional dog fencing takes away play area in the yard and is easy for your pet to run through, but this underground fence prevents "break outs" by creating the boundary based on time, not distance. 

In addition to the Boundary Plus Wired System, Diane also wanted something to help prevent Bailey from running to the door when their guests arrived at their house. That is when Invisible Fence of Northwest Illinois helped Diane learn about Indoor Shields® Units.

The Indoor Shields Unit creates an adjustable Invisible Boundary® protection around areas in your home you want to protect your pet from. This solution can be used for numerous reasons, from creating a barrier around trash cans to sectioning off parts of a room, Indoor Shields keep your pet protected in a variety of scenarios.

"Her [Bailey's] safety is of the utmost importance, and I never have to worry about her running outside of her protective zone. It's worth the price. I've never regretted it." - Diane

Not only did Invisible Fence of Northwest Illinois help Diane and Bailey figure out what solutions were best for them, but they're also there for Diane if she has any questions. She knows that she can always reach out to her local dealer for help at any point in time. This helps Diane feel confident not only in the solutions she has for Bailey, but also that her local dealer is there if she ever needs them.

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Our certified trainers have trained over 3,000,000 pets, using animal-behaviorist approved training methods and customizing training for each individual animal. If you have more questions about how to train your Goldendoodle (or any other breed) to play in the yard safely or to use an Indoor Shields, please schedule a free in-home consultation with an Invisible Fence dealer near you!

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