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Keeshond using Invisible Fence® Brand to stay safe in yard.

Training a Keeshond to Use an Invisible Fence® Brand System

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 11-30-2021

Welcome to our Pets of Invisible Fence® Brand blog series, where we share stories of pets who graduated our Perfect Start™ Plus Training program to roam their yard securely and happily. This week, Invisible Fence shares how Trixie the Keeshond is protected in her yard with an outdoor containment system.

Training Keeshond to use an Invisible Fence® Brand System

Many people ask, "Can you train a Keeshond to use Invisible Fence?" The answer is YES! With our Perfect Start™ Plus training, we can teach dogs and cats of all breeds, ages, sizes and temperaments to use our system - including Invisible Fence training for Keeshonds.

Watch this video to learn more.


According to American Kennel Club, Keeshonds are very smart and highly trainable dogs. They excel at obedience, which allows them to master commands quickly. Due to their adaptable and trainable temperament, Keeshonds have distinguished themselves in therapy work.

Though Keeshonds are people oriented and strive to please their trainers, it's important to be sure you keep them motivated and engaged while training. They learn fast and will quickly advance in obedience but if they're not engaged, they can quickly become bored.

Here is Trixie's story!

Trixie is a 16 year old Keeshond who lives with her dog mom, Cynthia. Despite her age, Trixie loves being outside in her yard. You can often times find her running around and exploring or relaxing and lounging near her owners.

Why did Trixie's parents contact Invisible Fence?

Trixie and her family live near a busy and fast road. Cynthia was in need of a way to protect Trixie so that she'd stay away from the road. After researching different types of outdoor containment, Cynthia found Invisible Fence and contacted her local dealer for more information.

How did Invisible Fence help keep Trixie in her yard?

Cynthia's local dealer sat down with her to learn about her and Trixie's needs. After her free consultation, Invisible Fence recommended one of our outdoor containment systems. With our Boundary Plus® Line of Outdoor Solutions, Cynthia is able to be confident in Trixie's safety.

Now, Trixie spends her days enjoying the yard and Cynthia doesn't worry about her wandering too close to the busy road. She's able to confidently and comfortably stay near their house.

"[Trixie's safety means] everything." - Cynthia

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Our certified trainers have trained over 3,000,000 pets, using animal-behaviorist approved training methods and customizing training for each individual animal. If you have more questions about how to train a keeshond (or any breed), please schedule a free in-home consultation with an Invisible Fence dealer near you!

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