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What is the Best Electric Dog Fence

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 07-16-2019

Are you looking for the best electric dog fence on the market? If so, next time you read dog fence reviews and compare product features and specifications, we challenge you to see how many contenders have the following highlights:

  • Millions of customizable settings
  • Certified Trainers
  • Perfect Start™ Plus Training Protocol
  • Professional Installation
  • Boundary Plus® Technology
  • GPS Satellite Technology
  • A National Footprint with Hundreds of Locally-Owned and Operated Businesses
  • Money-Back Performance Guarantees
  • No Breakouts
  • No Mixed Signals

We’ll save you time. There aren’t any other electric dog fences with all of these features because there is only one Invisible Fence® Brand. This blog explains why Invisible Fence is not only the original electric dog fence but why Invisible Fence is the best electric dog fence. And it details features beyond just our waterproof lightweight collars and durable heavy-duty wire.

History of Invisible Fence

In 1973 a traveling salesman had a lightbulb moment and invented the world’s first electronic pet containment system – Invisible Fence. And for the next 45 years, our team partnered with Universities, Veterinarians and leading Animal-Behaviorists to develop the most humane and successful combination of technology and training

Difference Between Invisible Fence and Off-Brand Dog Fences

Similar to Kleenex® and Q-Tips®, over the years Invisible Fence also had many imitators emerge into the market selling DIY pet fences and off-brand dog fences. While some of these pet fences share similarities with Invisible Fence like durable wire and lightweight collars, none have the same combination of training and technology – what we like to call the magic “formula” that keeps your dog safely and happily contained in their yard

Why Invisible Fence is the Best Dog Fence

While other dog fences try to drive down cost, we refuse to sacrifice the safety of your pet. We are the best because we offer competitive pricing over traditional fencing, while still sticking true to our values.
We value the technology we put into our indoor and outdoor products because we believe pets should have collar settings adjusted to their size, breed, age, personality, motives, etc. And since there are millions of different types of pets, we need a technology that can be customized over a million ways. We also believe pets should be able to return home if they test their boundaries. Where other systems can literally give your pet mixed signals, confusing him with a correction if he breaks the boundary and then tries to re-enter, Invisible Fence has exclusive free pass that allows your pet to return to safe boundaries with no confusion or lockouts.
Installation and Training
We value the free in-home evaluations, full-service installations, certified trainers and post-purchase service appointments. We’ve been in the industry for over 45 years and have protected over 3,000,000 pets. Our guess is this is your first (maybe second) dog fence purchase, which means it will also be your first time installing a fence and your first time teaching a dog to respect boundaries. Accidents and mistakes can happen the first time we do things – and your dog’s safety is not something to risk learning on. That’s why Invisible Fence makes sure your system is installed correctly and your pets are introduced to their new boundaries properly.

Customer Support
We value the nationwide dealer support and satisfaction guarantees that make our customers happy they chose Invisible Fence. When you move houses or add another pet to the system, we are right by your side to help your family transition

Things You Won’t Read in Other Dog Fence Reviews

As an Invisible Fence customer, you’ll enjoy several advantages you simply can’t find elsewhere:

  • Integrated indoor and outdoor solutions allow total-home protection and independence
  • Sleek, tech-savvy solutions backed by 9 active patents
  • Exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology guarantees unrivaled security and reliability—not to mention 30% more space in the yard
  • Exclusive Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology provides a litter of customization options for homes with multiple pets—even homes with dogs and cats
  • Exclusive GPS Satellite Technology delivers an out-of-this-world wire-free boundary for lots of 5 acres or more
  • Exclusive behaviorist-approved protocol ensures only the best humane, personalized training for your unique pet
  • Successful implementation in over 3 million homes

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A vote for Invisible Fence® Brand is a vote for cutting-edge technology, a training program that’s rigorously vetted and always custom to you, and all the support that comes from almost half a century of stable growth. So yes, there are multiple electric dog fences, but there is only one Invisible Fence.
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