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Ideas and insights from the experts on pets’ total well being.

Invisible Fence® Brand was created out of a genuine passion for pets. And, ever since we pioneered the world’s first electronic dog fence in 1973, we’ve remained committed to keeping dogs and cats not just safe, but also happy — so owners like you can truly enjoy their company.

How to Make Moving with Dogs Easier

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 10-01-2019

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially if you are moving with pets. Many pet owners are concerned their dog will not adjust well with the large transition, leaving Read more...

Tips for Living with Both Cats and Dogs

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 08-29-2019

Is a multi-pet household for you? Many pet owners want the best of both worlds and adopt a cat and a dog. At first, this raises questions like “Will my cat and dog will ever get along?” or “How do I Read more...

Indoor Cat vs Outdoor Cat: How to Keep Your Cat Safe Outside & Inside

By Invisible Fence® Brand on 08-06-2019

Many cat owners ask if it is safe to let their cat outside or if their cat will be happier indoors. In this blog, we address the ongoing debate on indoor cats vs outdoor cats and offer tips on how to Read more...